Mp3 Players Capacity Is Not Everything}

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MP3 Players – Capacity is Not Everything


Wayne Hemrick

The nice thing about older, hard-drive based mp3 mp4 players is sheer capacity; 160 gigbytes will accommodate several hours of audio.

However, many people today are demanding more from their portable media. They want the be able to listen to broadcast radio, so may look for an mp3 player with FM receiver; they want to be able to watch films, so may be looking for an mp3 video player; they’re looking for ways to record both from other media (such as vinyl or CDs) and live, meaning they want an mp3 player recorder. Increasingly, they want to be able to surf the Web, take pictures and audio, and make cell phone calls as well.

As of yet, there is no single device that can do all of these things, but such a device is probably not far off. In the meantime, there are many issues to consider beyond storage capacity.

What Are Your Needs?

There are several situations in which people appreciate having mp3 mp4 players:

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in the car (commuting)

aboard planes, trains or buses

at the gym

in waiting rooms or standing in line

recording and converting audio from one format to another

There is at the moment no one mp3 player that will do all of these, but many have most of these functions. However, it’s a trade-off; the more functions you want, the less storage capacity you are going to have.

Flash Memory and Wireless

Most newer mp3 players, including touch screen mp3 players, have flash memory storage instead of on-board hard drives which is why these devices have other capabilities. In addition, Bluetooth wireless technology, which has only recently come of age (though it’s been around for over a decade), as extended the capabilities and versatility of these devices tremendously. For example, those who spend a great deal of time in their automobiles will appreciate the ability to play their mp3s through their FM radios while driving using a Bluetooth adapter. Most new cars have this built-in; if yours does not, or you have an older model, you may wish to consider purchasing an aftermarket adapter, which can be had at a nominal cost.

When Shopping…

Before you go out shopping for your next mp3 player, consider what you do most of the time and how an mp3 player can best fit those needs. Such devices are not “one-size-fits-all,” but with today’s selections, there is very likely to be one that will fit your individual needs and lifestyle.

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MP3 Players – Capacity is Not Everything }

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